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KONG Ballistic Vibez Birds

KONG Ballistic Vibez Birds

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KONG Ballistic Vibez Bird’s durable material means long-lasting flights of fetching and thrashing—with an instinct-sparking squeak that prolongs play. Floppy feet and wings enhance shaking satisfaction while the zany mix of textures adds excitement to this adorable pal whose neck allows dogs of all sizes to grab and play.

Durable KONG Ballistic material ensures long-lasting flights of fetching and shaking fun boosted by a squeaker, floppy wings and feet, a variety of intriguing textures and a winning smile.

Key Features:

  • Durable KONG Ballistic material withstands tough play
  • Squeaker extends fun
  • Texture variety creates excitement
  • Floppy feet and wings boost shaking satisfaction
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor play


Designed for light/moderate chewing. For tough chew sessions, try KONG rubber toys. Supervised use only. Remove all packaging. Discontinue use if damaged.


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