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Benyfit Natural

Benyfit Natural - Chicken Meat Feast

Benyfit Natural - Chicken Meat Feast

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A juicy and lean mouth-watering mealtime favourite.

Benyfit Natural Chicken Meat Feast raw dog food is packed full of human-grade, ethically sourced tasty chicken, a low fat and highly nutritious meal.

  • Made with 80% muscle meat, 10% bone from non-laying, British chickens and 5% British ox kidney and 5% British ox liver.

Discover how healthy your dog's skin and coat can be, how clean their teeth and gums, how strong their bones and how easy their digestion, choose Benyfit Natural raw dog food every time.


  • 70% British Chicken, 10% Ox Heart, 10% British Chicken Bone, 5% British Ox Liver, 5% British Ox Kidney.


  • Moisture 65.3%, Crude Protein 17.6%, Crude Fat 14.5%, Crude Ash 3.7%, Crude Fibre 0.2%, Calcium 1.1%, Phosphorous 0.5%, kcal/ 100g 184.


Adult dogs should be fed 2-3% of their ideal body weight per day.

  • Every working dog is different; Adjust portions accordingly.

Wash your hands, utensils and surfaces after handling any raw meat.



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