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Baskerville Muzzle

Baskerville Muzzle

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Baskerville Muzzles provide you with reassurance in a wide variety of situations – and for those around you, seeing a muzzled dog shows responsible pet parenting.

If you’re thinking “Should I muzzle my dog?”, then consider those situations where you feel you need additional peace of mind. Whether you need something suitable for a visit to the vet or groomers, for travelling on public transport, or for the daily dog walk, a muzzle is also handy in preventing the scavenging of food waste or wildlife.

Robustly designed for complete safety and comfort, Baskerville muzzles can be confidently used to manage and during the re-training of aggressive or nervous dogs, while allowing them to pant, drink and enjoy life at all times.

The Baskerville Ultra 2.0 Muzzle offers three different attachment options to ensure a secure hold and no slipping. A neck strap with plastic clip allows you to quickly put the muzzle on and take it off. Under the chin is another strap, which can be threaded through your dog’s usual collar to additionally secure the muzzle and close around the back of the neck.

Please note: Wearing a muzzle should be a daily occurrence for your dog, rather than being used as a punishment. Ensure your dog gets used to the muzzle slowly and gently.

Baskerville Ultra 2.0 Muzzle at a glance:

  • Patented muzzle for dogs
  • Helps to prevent biting and injuries
  • Head strap with easy fastening: for improved fit and comfort
  • With neck strap clip: for quick, and easy use
  • Extremely robust and durable material: flexible and supple
  • Ergonomically designed: optimal fit when warming up
  • Unique design: free to breathe, pant and drink
  • Soft neoprene fabric: on the sides and chin
  • Clips and buckle made of plastic: no hard metal in your dog’s face
  • Secure hold: with 3 fastening points
  • Maximum security and highest comfort
  • Can feed your dog from your hand
  • Uses:
    • Training assistance for behavioural training e.g. aggressive behaviour
    • Suppresses your dog’s hunting behaviours around wild animals
    • Helpful when socialising rescue animals
  • Colour: black
  • Material:
    • Muzzle: thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
    • Strap: 100% polyester
    • Buckle and clips: plastic
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